Bronwen Grieves Ceramics

Statement from the Artist .


I hand build objects in clay, some of these are vessels, others more sculptural. Most of the work is made from gritty stoneware clays which enables the making of Fragile forms .

The clay is rolled out in flat coils, some of which are incised with vertical or horizontal lines before being fixed together. This creates texture and so decoration is kept to a minimum, usually reserved to white slip which is partially rubbed away to reveal the texture in the body of the clay below.

Experimentation with form is a big part of my process, it is where a lot of my interest lies but inevitably means living with quite a bit of failure along side the successes.

Pinpointing where ideas for pieces come from is difficult because it both feels like they come from everywhere and from nowhere. I sketch and draw shapes sometimes but really it is not until I am building that I understand what am going to do.

Working in clay is always challenging but also incredibly rewarding. I have no formal training but 20 years ago started to attend a pottery night class which I continued for many years . Since then I have worked in a studio in my garden.

The place that i work is as important to me as what I make. It provides me with a sense of solitude and seclusion which allows me to focus on my work but also to take in the sights and smells of the garden over the course of the days and weeks in a way that I wouldn’t do otherwise.

I have produced work consistently over the last 30 years , I did not start to work full time at it until April 2019 and had not released any work for sale until the summer of 2018 .

I hope you enjoy what you see here.