Ella Squirrell Painter

Ella Squirrell (b.1995) graduated from Falmouth School of Art in 2018 and now Lives and works in Bridport, Dorset. Her works span many mediums, including paint, film, photography and performance. Her art is informed by the experience of a mixed ethnic identity and explores the destabilisation of fixed gender and sexuality.

Favouring memory and imagination over direct observation Ella paints semi-fictionalised portraits in real and imagined scenarios in an attempt to understand her own sense of being. Her current painting explores sleep and rest, as well as the relationship between vulnerability and strength.

“I paint fragile, intimate and tender exchanges with people I am close to, these moments of feeling I am compelled to document and communicate. I am motivated by the intractability of paint as a medium, how it can be manipulated by the painter and vice versa; the push and pull that I liken to a ‘dance’ between the painter and the paint.”