Emmanuelle Lepic Ceramics

Emmanuelle Lepic studied Art history in Ecole du Louvre in Paris and worked in Art galleries in London.
This close contact with art nurtured her desire to develop her own ceramics practice.
She trained in Ceramics at Chelsea and Kensington College and Morley College.

Her pieces are hand built. Once the shape is finalised, its surface becomes a blank page on which different experiences are inscribed. The surface holds in itself traces of its encounters – a nail that sinks in, drops of glaze on a waxed surface that will dissolve in the kiln. This creative process leaves space for the imperfections that chance variables inevitably engender.

She currently makes shapes that are reminiscent of ceramic pots or vases seen in paintings. She likes to imagine that these forms, after having been represented in two dimensions, have been brought back to a second life as ceramic objects. In this creative process, the object abandons its function.

The current series also has a human presence. She calls it ‘Silhouette’.
A few of these works have been inspired by contemporary ballet. Figures of dancers emerge from the surface of the clay.