Cutting Teeth – Connor Coulston & Dan Hollings

From 28/01/2022 till 11/02/2022

Exhibition – Cutting Teeth by Connor Coulston & Dan Hollings
Date: 27th January 2022


For this show, Connor wanted to project his insecurities, fears, hopes and dreams onto charity shop and museum kitsch ornaments.

The sculptures are a result of different conversations he has had with himself through making. Many of these conversations are usually questions he has asked the clay; like why am I still single if I’m so god damn sexy?, am I depressed or am I just feeling low? and why won’t Harry Styles love me, Goddammit?!

He has tried to tackle personal issues such as depression, loneliness and low self-esteem through humour. This body of work is an exploration of what it means to be him. He urges you not to feel guilty about laughing at his expense, but be wary that we all know someone whom we love who may be asking the same questions but can’t find solitude in clay.



Dan Hollings is based in Falmouth, Cornwall. His new body of work for ‘Cutting Teeth’ explores the multifaceted nature of heritage and the connection between family history, places of origin, and the present day.

Reflecting distinct aspects of his practice, Dan merges still-life and a more figurative style; he creates motifs that sew together a patchwork quilt of past and present. Imagery of rural Wales and objects from his past are juxtaposed against glimpses of his present life – his experience of another Celtic land and his observations of those around him. The culmination of this collection represents a form of personal dialect between Dan and the paintings, a visual means in which he can express his innermost feelings.