Thistle Kiss @ 4am Solo Show by Dan Hollings

From 17/04/2021 till 01/05/2021

Artist Statement


Thistle Kiss @ 4am

The works in this exhibition are inspired by recent times: working late nights at the local nightclub, painting while trying to hold things together.

The thistle – a blossoming of beauty to some, an unwanted weed to others – is a symbol of pain, hardship and protection. Most commonly associated with Scotland, the Celtic thistle is also celebrated by Cornwall and Wales. The contrast between the shared and individual aspects of these regions inspired me to inject a sense of individual identity and subjectivity into my paintings.

In general, the theme of identity has greatly informed my work. Whether it is in regards to our own personal sense of who we are or our observations of a stranger. I am fascinated by the ways in which we view ourselves and each other. Often, I find myself distracted by the small details: clothing, expressions, stature, emotions. The idea that identity is formed through these small things- perhaps normal to oneself, but peculiar to another- excites me.

Embedded with the work are discreet motifs taken from the surroundings and overheard conversations; the paint is used as a vessel for personal dialect. Different ideas and sketches are weaved together. New paintings are worked on top of old ones, creating layers of feeling and reflecting their development into what they are today.