Bait Flaunts, nibble no feelings by Dan Hollings 2021

Bait flaunts, nibble no feelings by Dan Hollings 2021

Oil and oil stick on Canvas

Framed in a simple Graphite coloured wooden tray frame.

Fish are an ongoing motif within the works, they’re a vessel for representing inner emotions rather than conveying them through imagery or text. They stem from a childhood memory of fishing in Spain which has always stuck with me. And during a time of uncomfort sometimes dwell on it through the media of painting. The 2 fish within the work are spewing up over the centre figure, it’s directing all thoughts that go on in my head, through the fish than the normal way of talking in person. A way of being vulnerable without being in that position. 
The figure itself, a lover, showered in these emotions. Whether wanted or not, they’re getting them.
Another ongoing motif of identification for me, where I belong, do I belong with her, do I belong where I’m currently situated in Cornwall. Thistles are often identified as the national flower of Scotland; However, the thistle was taken on as a Celtic Symbol before the Scots. The Welsh, the Irish and the Cornish also belong within this Celtic heritage. It’s a dialog for who I am, where I belong without making it too apparent to the viewer. In this sense, its whether I belong with the central figure.


Dan Hollings Painter

Artist Dan Hollings was chosen by Saatchi Art as one of 34 artists from Europe and America to invest in – less than a month after graduating from Falmouth University.  Winner of the 2018 MIDAS award. Dan had a sell out Solo show in London at the Gallery in April 2021 and continues to delight with his work.  

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