‘Charlotte’ Oil on Linen and Embroidery by Julia Hall

Charlotte ( 1767 – 1855 )

Married to William on 2 July 1792 at St Georges Chapel, Hanover Square, London. She had 4 children( William, Sophia, Henry and Emily), and lived in a house she and her husband had built called ‘Bannisters’ in Southampton. Charlotte was a close friend of Sarah Siddons, the actress who visited frequently at the house. Charlotte commissioned a full length portrait of Sarah Siddons by Thomas Lawrence, which is currently held by the Tate Gallery .


Julia Hall

Julia Hall is a UK based artist. In her latest seriesĀ  Common Thread , each work depicts a dress on a bare linen canvas rendered in oil paint and hand embroidery. The series is an exploration of the relationship between these 'High' and ' Low' art forms and the re-discovery of historically invisible women. Whilst the male and public art of oil painting has been celebrated, conserved and widely displayed across the centuries, sewing has been largely confined to a feminine, domestic sphere. Looking to her own family tree, Hall interrogates patriarchal lineage. She seeks to reclaim her female ancestors, from whom a piece of sewn art- a sampler, quilt or embroidered image- is sometimes the only remnant we have. Needlecraft, a skill passed from mother to daughter, forms an alternative matriarchal lineage threading it way down through the generations.

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