“Chisel “Series by Simon Kidd 2020

The chisel series explores the empty expanses that have been created by the quarried granite taken from the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland .

Simon has made these small slip cast vases in series of 15 . I have put up images, for availablity please send me an email and i can show you each size etc

Most range in size from 200 mm down to 140 mm. This range is always kept a keen price so that everyone can enjoy owning a piece of Simon Kidd. The pieces also work very well in rows and in groups.

The vases are glazed on the inside and are able to hold water .

Chisel vases in stock at present

SK 1  200mm H  x 4

Sk2  190 mm H  x 3

SK3  150 mm H x 3

Sk 4  170mm H x 4

SK5 200 mm H x 1

Sk6 180 mm H x 2

SK7 180 mm H X 1 Hold




Simon Kidd

Kidds practice is a collection of projects of ongoing exploration of spaces across Northern Ireland; Sliabh Dónairt, Dregish and Murlach. The pieces which make up these projects use these physical locations as catalysts for reflection; allowing these objects to become physical manifestations of thoughts, feelings, and ideas the country evokes. These places are explored not only for their physical presence and beauty, but also for their cultural, political, and symbolic importance.

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