Chrysanthemum Cats By Vicky Lindo and Bill Brookes 2021

Chrysanthemum cats by Vicky Lindo and Bill Brookes. Sgraffito now with the extra twist of the use of layers of different coloured clays . These have to be one of the most intricate pairs of cats they have made so far. Rather amazing ..pictures don’t do justice


Vicky Lindo and William Brookes Ceramics

Vicky Lindo Ceramics is the partnership of Vicky Lindo and Bill Brookes, creating slip cast earthenware sgraffito pottery Bideford. The duo won the British Ceramics Biennial in 2019 with Dead Dad Book, a body of ten pieces that explored Vicky's relationship with her late father.

Dead Dad Book was purchased by the V&A in 2020. Their work is to be found in the Fitzwilliam Museum and many important private collections around the world.

Alveston Fine Arts came into being with the help of this duo. The profits from their sales has enabled the gallery to help and promote new graduate talent.

Other pieces by the artist: