‘Elizabeth’ Painting By Julia Hall from Her Common Thread Series

Oil Painting on a bare linen canvas and hand Embroidery.


Elizabeth ( 1717- 1806 )

Due to her father and brother being employed by the Levant Company, Elizabeth and her mother lived for some time in Constantinople. She was apparently a lady of ‘exceeding beauty ‘ and met her husband, Valentine, whilst living in the city. They married on 16th June 1754, returning to England to live in Southampton in 1763, where they had “… a servant in a green coat with gold epaulette, a pair of horses and a postillion’.

Elizabeth had three children ( William , Valentine and Mary ) and became blind in later life, wearing an eye patch.




Julia Hall

Julia Hall is a UK based artist. In her latest seriesĀ  Common Thread , each work depicts a dress on a bare linen canvas rendered in oil paint and hand embroidery. The series is an exploration of the relationship between these 'High' and ' Low' art forms and the re-discovery of historically invisible women. Whilst the male and public art of oil painting has been celebrated, conserved and widely displayed across the centuries, sewing has been largely confined to a feminine, domestic sphere. Looking to her own family tree, Hall interrogates patriarchal lineage. She seeks to reclaim her female ancestors, from whom a piece of sewn art- a sampler, quilt or embroidered image- is sometimes the only remnant we have. Needlecraft, a skill passed from mother to daughter, forms an alternative matriarchal lineage threading it way down through the generations.

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