Extrusive Series No:1 By Simon Kidd 2020

A new series of slipcast porcelain sculptures by Simon Kidd. Exhibited at Collect 2020 at Somerset House London.

Inspiration is taken from a place called Murlough Bay which sits on the North East coast of Ireland in Co.Antrim. A small bay resting at the base of steep hills and cliffs. Its a secluded spot, quiet and peaceful in comparison to the tours of people along coast, with the only sights being that of a small cottage, battered coastal trees , the ocean lapping over the basalt boulders, and the occasional sighting of Scotland across the water.
This place is special,it is monumental in its quiet presence. As society races through time .going through periods of fighting and peace this place does not move.

The pieces within the Extrusive series are a celebration of this place, and the places like this which cover Ireland’s coast.
These are objects with no opening, no visual interior,they are objects which simply are.


Simon Kidd

Kidds practice is a collection of projects of ongoing exploration of spaces across Northern Ireland; Sliabh Dónairt, Dregish and Murlach. The pieces which make up these projects use these physical locations as catalysts for reflection; allowing these objects to become physical manifestations of thoughts, feelings, and ideas the country evokes. These places are explored not only for their physical presence and beauty, but also for their cultural, political, and symbolic importance.

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