” Fissure 1″ Series Porcelain Sculpture by Simon Kidd 2019

The pieces with the fissure series are further explorations of the themes behind the cut series. The spaces left in the mountains faces hold such power. They are overbearing in their scale. while standing in front of them it is impossible to not feel their presence. These large pieces possess both an external physical presence as well as their internal one.


Simon Kidd

Kidds practice is a collection of projects of ongoing exploration of spaces across Northern Ireland; Sliabh Dónairt, Dregish and Murlach. The pieces which make up these projects use these physical locations as catalysts for reflection; allowing these objects to become physical manifestations of thoughts, feelings, and ideas the country evokes. These places are explored not only for their physical presence and beauty, but also for their cultural, political, and symbolic importance.

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