‘Flares are back, but can’t see my flair’ by Dan Hollings

Oil, posca and oil stick on canvas.

The painting derives from the Falmouth fashion scene, it’s diverse, trendy and out there. With the hustle and bustle of the student town, and the concept that uni is the place to discover yourself, this massively comes into play with the fashion down here. Coming from the City of Cardiff myself, it’s very much a cliche that smart shoes are to be worn on nights out. But while working in nightclubs, it was an odd concept for me that people got away with pyjamas bottom style trousers, eye catching patterns, going into a club wearing a t-shirt and knee length fur coats, and that was the men.
Continuous motifs of thistles relating to myself and tired eyes on the left side of the figure. As well as relating to personal emotions within the butterfly, which responds to memory of my late grandmother who had a taxidermy one on her kitchen wall. Quite unfashionable and quirky, very much like the clothing down in Falmouth.


Dan Hollings Painter

Artist Dan Hollings was chosen by Saatchi Art as one of 34 artists from Europe and America to invest in – less than a month after graduating from Falmouth University.  Winer of the 2018 MIDAS award. Dan will be having his first Solo show in London at the Gallery in April 2021.  

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