Fools Gold Baby Cloud by Tessa Eastman 2021

A small ceramic sculpture influenced by Clouds and molecular structure and crystals .


Tessa Eastman Ceramics

Tessa Eastman is an award winning British ceramic artist with over twenty years’ experience of working with clay. She lives and works in London UK. Tessa graduated from the University of Westminster in 2006 with a BA Honours in Ceramics, and in 2015 gained a MA in Ceramics & Glass from one of the world’s most reputable design schools, The Royal College of Art. Tess Eastman's ceramic sculptures appear curiously alive with movement. Meticulously building forms by hand, she fixes ungraspable states such as fleeting cloud formations in order to signify duality and impermanence. Tessa observes that some clouds can be up lifting and provide hope whilst others can suggest impending doom.

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