‘Harriet’ Oil on Linen canvas with Embroidery

Harriet ( 1837-1900)

Married to William on 29the December 1864. Harriet was a Governor at the Princess Helena College, Alongside Princess Helena ( also known as Princess Christian) daughter of Victoria and Godmother to Harriet’s youngest son, She had 10 children ( William , Hamilton, Harriet, Charlotte, Victor, Terrick, Eleanor, Valentine, Muriel and Mildred). At the age of 46 she began treatment at Ticehurst House, TunbridgeWells, suffering from exhalation and delusional insanity..followed by melancholia and was admitted at the age of 52 , the diagnosis being that (Harriet ) was depressed, which may originally have been related to the menopause’. Her children were split three ways between various Aunts and Uncles.


Image shown is with out the Embroidery ..this has now been completed and images will be updated by 5th september


Julia Hall

Julia Hall is a UK based artist. In her latest seriesĀ  Common Thread , each work depicts a dress on a bare linen canvas rendered in oil paint and hand embroidery. The series is an exploration of the relationship between these 'High' and ' Low' art forms and the re-discovery of historically invisible women. Whilst the male and public art of oil painting has been celebrated, conserved and widely displayed across the centuries, sewing has been largely confined to a feminine, domestic sphere. Looking to her own family tree, Hall interrogates patriarchal lineage. She seeks to reclaim her female ancestors, from whom a piece of sewn art- a sampler, quilt or embroidered image- is sometimes the only remnant we have. Needlecraft, a skill passed from mother to daughter, forms an alternative matriarchal lineage threading it way down through the generations.

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