‘Just want somebody too’ (love me)’ by Dan Hollings

Oil, posca and oil stick on canvas.

The painting is combining the 2 works of still life and figurative, trying to bring them together rather than keeping them separate from each other. The views in the windows are from the local protected national trust area of Caen Brea Castle, at the top of the Mountain there’s a monument , which can be seen from St Ives, Redruth, Camborne. In the memory of Francis Basset who raised an army of Cornish miners to defend the coast from Spanish and French Fleets in the 1800’s. it’s a very historic point of interest in the Cornish heritage but for me it’s part of my mundane trips to the studio. It just happens to float within the work. With the walk up-to the monument through the grasslands, Cornish Adders can be found, which have been painted within the fruit bowl. Another motif of these snakes is the idea of being ‘snaked’ by a lover. Being left and abandoned for something else. Which falls into the title itself of wanting to be the person being loved.


Dan Hollings Painter

Artist Dan Hollings was chosen by Saatchi Art as one of 34 artists from Europe and America to invest in – less than a month after graduating from Falmouth University.  Winner of the 2018 MIDAS award. Dan had a sell out Solo show in London at the Gallery in April 2021 and continues to delight with his work.  

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