Kintsugi Greek Key glass and lacquer vase by Ji Huang

Statement from Ji Huang:
During the process of accumulating layers of colour and blowing, there are always surprises. It’s always like seeing it for the first time, when I retrieve the piece from the kiln and open the refractory mould.

Almost like a stone carver working a different stone each time. The task of finishing each piece is different from the other.

This piece presented challenges of the “blemish” but also opportunity for applying Kintsugi. Which is the tradition of using lacquer and gold leaf to repair ceramics. The goal is to highlight and celebrate the imperfect, instead of hiding it.


Ji Huang

Ji Huang is an international glass artist whose work explores the changing dynamic between the virtual and the actual through material experimentation. He completed his undergraduate studies in glass in 2017 at the University of Washington and has worked at Pilchuck Glass School during the past three summers. Huang has recently completed a residency in Murano, Italy, creating a collaborative sculpture to be exhibited in Museo del Vetro in Venice. He will spend the next year at the Harbourfront Center for Craft and Design in Toronto, Canada, as artist in residence. Ji's current work focuses on developing a glass making process inspired by Xi Pi lacquer. " I am intrigued by a style of lacquer decoration called Xi Pi and captivated by the idea of generations of craftspeople accumulating technical knowledge and experience in different materials. Ji is the first glass artist in the history of glass to fuse lacquer with glass. Ji has won numerous awards around the world and has had a piece of his work commissioned and put on permanent display in The Victoria and Albert museum in London. The work is very labour intensive , having to employ glass workers but also each pieces takes a minimum of 2 weeks to finish by hand. The process is very delicate and numerous pieces are lost in the process. Ji exhibited and showed for the first time to the world his Greek Key Designed Lacquer and Glass vase at Collect 2020, Somerset House, London.

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