Naughty Fairy Piggy by Connor Coulston

Naughty Fairy Piggy is an explorative piece by Coulston. Inspired by a 50p charity shop ornament of a fairy pig – Coulston used this ornament as a conduit to be more experimental and bold with his surface decoration. This sculpture is energetic and encapsulates Coulston’s personality and dark sense of humour.


Connor Coulston Sculptures

Connor Coulston (B.1992, Oldham, UK) is an artist whose practice is defined by the ongoing conversation between his self-deprecating sense of humour, wild imagination and the materiality of clay. The majority of Coulston’s work is a result of a fascination for the kitsch ceramic ornaments that you would usually find in a charity shop or that have adorned his grandmother’s fireplace. He subverts these often mundane pieces through a rigorous questioning of their legacy and hidden narrative whilst focusing on personal issues such as depression, queer identity and his grandmother's love for right-wing politicians. Coulston uses his humour as a tool to create surreal and kitsch sculptures, lulling his audience into a false sense of security before the works' sinister undertones are revealed. Graduated from his MA at the Royal College of Art 2017. Recent achievements include being selected as one of fifty artists commissioned from Sky Arts to explore what it means to be British post Brexit Winner of the Ingram Prize 2020 Currently one of the 10 finalists to show for the BCB 2021 award

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