‘Susan’ Oil on Linen Canvas by Julia Hall

Susan ( B 1947)


Married to Nigel on 20th September 1969 at St Mary’s Stoughton, West Sussex. The youngest of three children, her mother died at 16. She trained at Guy’s Hospital, London and worked as a nurse in London, Surrey and Devon. Susan, known as Sue, has two Children ( Justin and Julia) and now 6 grandchildren. She plays tennis, sings in a community choir and studies and practices graphology. This dress is modelled on a paper dress she owned and wore in the 1960’s. One of the major inspirations for this project is an original embroidered Jacobean ‘stump work ‘picture which was the only possession passed down to my mother through her matriarchal line.


Julia Hall

Julia Hall is a UK based artist. In her latest seriesĀ  Common Thread , each work depicts a dress on a bare linen canvas rendered in oil paint and hand embroidery. The series is an exploration of the relationship between these 'High' and ' Low' art forms and the re-discovery of historically invisible women. Whilst the male and public art of oil painting has been celebrated, conserved and widely displayed across the centuries, sewing has been largely confined to a feminine, domestic sphere. Looking to her own family tree, Hall interrogates patriarchal lineage. She seeks to reclaim her female ancestors, from whom a piece of sewn art- a sampler, quilt or embroidered image- is sometimes the only remnant we have. Needlecraft, a skill passed from mother to daughter, forms an alternative matriarchal lineage threading it way down through the generations.

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