Tangerine Vortex Pot

The “Vortex” series of vessels has developed over the past couple of years,and are inspired By some wonderful eroded and indented stones that i have collected over many years on the beaches of Connemara.The body is Porcelain .


Grainne Watts Ceramics

Grainne's current work explores various forms found in the Natural World and organic geometry. The symbol of the Dot, or Bindu, has many meanings which fascinate her and has inspired exploration in many directions. "It represents the smallest possible mark, pure potentiality and the starting point from which all things arise " The choice of gently bellied forms and double-walled vessels allow the visual, tactile and emotional response through form and the use of colour and pattern. Multiple layers of diluted underglazes create a soft background for the hand-painted dot work which, depending on the choice of colour combination, creates a surface that pulsates. Grainne uses a combination of hand building and thrown methods to build the large-bellied forms and spends a lot of time refining the surface using metal kidneys until she is satisfied with the finished quality. After the first firing, the surface is sanded and washed before the long decorative process begins. Two different clays are used, depending on the scale and intended finish of a particular form. The smooth stoneware clay and Ming porcelain suit her current making techniques and provide the canvas needed for her chosen decorative techniques. We are very proud to announce that The Ulster Museum has purchased a Bindu Vessel from her work exhibited at Collect 2020, at Somerset House.

Other pieces by the artist: