Yeah You By Dan Hollings 2021

Yeah you by Dan Hollings 2021

Large oil and oil stick on canvas 2021

Framed in a simple graphite coloured box frame.

‘Yeah You’ the phrase itself rolls into the Cornish slang and locals conversation, “Alright?, Yeah You? Yeah’” It tip toes around the question without wanting to have an in-depth chat. For me this relates to opening up. Whether about being actually alright and stable. It’s an emotional masquerade, something I tend to do myself, rather squash the issue as soon as possible as a way of protection than to look weak or troubled. In parallel to the phrase, 2 figures sit in life rafts, venting out these muted emotions that are kept to oneself below the surface.

Along the playfulness of the phrase and these hidden emotions, some of which towards a current confusing lover. Not wanting to feel vulnerable and in the position to be hurt. A half guard for a figure/background painted as half and half. Green for good and go do it, open up and be vulnerable, the black for a bad idea. It’s not going to end well. Above the legs of the lady is a figure head self-portrait, a head in hands of future embarrassment.


Dan Hollings Painter

Artist Dan Hollings was chosen by Saatchi Art as one of 34 artists from Europe and America to invest in – less than a month after graduating from Falmouth University.  Winner of the 2018 MIDAS award. Dan had a sell out Solo show in London at the Gallery in April 2021 and continues to delight with his work.  

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